Don't you just love it when a gift comes full circle?  Kent surprised Karen with an Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience for Mother's Day and then she surprised him with portraits she knew he would love. 

We were able to time it out perfectly to incorporate this Lithuanian clover into Karen's portraits.  I created her Cinderella skirt to complement the colors in bloom and she brought a bottle of wine significant to her and Kent.  A recipe for perfection!  Shine on girl--you rocked this! 

Princess Gigi & Lily

Princess Gigi and Lily could not have been more of a delight during their portrait time together.  The sound of little girls laughing and spinning in tutus in the wildflower meadow is one that mom and dad will likely log away in their minds for a very long time. 

Every parent knows how fleeting the time is for kids to be kids...this is why portraits like this resonate so deeply with my clients.  And not just my adult clients apparently.  Gigi just kept running over to hug me through the portrait time to tell me how much fun she was having. 

As I would suggest an idea for the next set of portraits, Gigi said, "oh I'll do anything you say, just tell me what to do Ms. Jennifer."  She was an expert helper for her little sister Lily too.  They bring sugar and spice to the Witt household which makes for a perfect combination! 

Perhaps most priceless (beyond all the excited hugs of delight) was Gigi's telling me, "I wish I had brought $25 with me tonight."  I asked her why.  "Because you did such a great job and I had so much fun, I want to pay you!"   That's one I'm going to log away!  Spin and laugh your way through this life girls--the world awaits your joy and your wonder every day!

Emily's Quinceanera

Milestones are a beautiful thing.  They are a chance for family and friends to gather to cheer you on through life in a way you will always remember. 

That's exactly what Emily's Quinceanera was.  A Quinceanera is an important Latin American tradition to celebrate a young woman turning 15, which marks her passage to womanhood.  It's also a time to give thanks to God for His blessings and present a young woman to the community. 

Emily's mom Amy was in full blown party prepping mode when I arrived to begin coverage.  She was all over the big and little details of the day to make sure it was a day Emily would never forget.  She poured herself out in love and devotion for her girl in a way that was beautifully sacrificial and tender.  After seeing how tirelessly Amy worked to bring this all together, I told her Emily's wedding would be a piece of cake! 

The party was an absolute blast and Emily laughed and danced the whole night away with her family and friends!  Click through below to see family that joined Emily's celebration.

Click through below to see friends who joined Emily on her special day to celebrate.

Sweet baby

Jayd is preparing to welcome a 2nd blessing into her life.  She's regularly astounded by how much love beats in her chest for her sweet little Taelynn.  And now she's preparing to give Taelynn a brother in the very near future.

The focus of these maternity portraits was the bond between Jayd and her babies.  Jayd is my niece, so I was overjoyed to mark this time to celebrate new life with her.  She's a gentle and patient mom who is chasing after the best for her babies.  This is no easy world to navigate the parenting journey in, that's for certain.  But Jayd is pouring her whole self into her babies lives and glowing with determination and love while she does.   

Diane Alexis

Blog followers may remember Diane from an Unveil your Cinderella session a few years ago.  Diane celebrated turning 50 while living an authentically owned life and owning her silver hair in a gorgeous portrait session.  Who knew then this next phase would involve a need for acting headshots?  You never can tell what the next phase of life will bring you!  Who knows the roles we'll see her in--but she's ready!  Currently you'll see Diane as an extra on House of Cards and she's getting calls to test for commercials!

Jack + Lisa

"I'm so busy, I don't know how I used to fit a job into my day!"  That's how Jack describes his newly retired status.  Leading his motorcycle group on charity rides he organizes, spending time at the beach, golfing, it's the way most of us envision retirement will be and Jack's actually making it happen!  No rocking chair on a front porch for Jack and Lisa!  Lisa has not retired yet.  She's worked over 30 years as a PA but she's not ready to step out just yet.  She smiled widely as Jack talked about how much he's loving this next phase of life.

These two were so stinkin' adorable throughout their session--I dubbed them Malibu Ken and Barbie's parents!  However, their beauty goes beyond skin deep...if you could have seen the way Jack looked at Lisa when I began their presentation of portraits...it was the stuff of a great romance movie!  The admiration as they each melted over each other's portraits was so tender. They both reached for the tissue box as soon as the presentation started.

With tears in his eyes, Jack said, "she's just so beautiful...and those eyes...that's how she's always looked at me."  He relayed the story of how they met back in 1998.  Jack was actually a patient of Lisa's because of a badly broken hand.  He had weekly appointments with her for 8 weeks and worked to summon the courage to ask her out.  He said she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and felt he didn't have a shot.  He tested the waters by asking an x-ray tech if Lisa was available. 

The x-ray tech said, 'yes, ask her!'  Jack's nerve was failing...this gorgeous woman, whose beauty radiated from deep within, would never say yes to him.  The tech continued to urge him, 'ask her, ask her!' as they all walked out together, moments before parting ways for potentially forever.  Lisa overheard and turned to say, 'ask me what?' 

Jack bolstered the nerve to ask her out, but Lisa didn't know if she was allowed to date him since he was a patient.  A patient just released from her care, but a patient none the less.  She said, 'you can look me up in the phone book, I'll be home later.'  Jack did, called and got her answering machine.  Not a good sign.  Lisa forgot she had plans to go to a baseball game that night!  Jack kept up his nerve and tried one more time...3.5 hour phone conversation later their first date was set.  One year later they were married!  Their love story continues strong into retirement and what a gorgeous tribute to their marriage!  Just can't wait to see these portraits on display in their home, bringing smiles and tears of joy all through the years!

Elena & Sienna

Want to see behind the scenes of this beautiful Unveil your Cinderella portrait time?  Click here! 

Mom could see her little girls weren't staying so little.  She wanted to capture this sweet time in portraits to celebrate in her home so she could always return to this tender time.  She drove several hours to have me create these stunning pieces you see before you and I am so honored she did.

Elena and Sienna were intrigued and enthralled because they got to be princesses for the day!  They laughed and danced and marveled at their portraits when I showed them on the back of my camera.   Watching their reaction to their portraits in print was priceless!  Click here to see their behind the scenes fun! .  Just love that this time period in these sisters lives is locked down in ways that will bring perpetual smiles to everyone who loves them! 

JDP senior model trio

This trio of JDP senior model beauties joined me to create in studio.  Kasey, Brittany and Corey were naturals! 

I had received quite a few gorgeous flowers for my birthday and decided I wanted to incoporate them into a shoot while they were still alive...then they'll be used in future shoots in their dried state.   The models closed out our time with some epic selfies! 

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day--to all you late night warriors, tender hearted boo-boo kissers, stern trainers for the long haul, mess demolishers, teachers, detectives, doctors, judges and chauffers who keep their eyes on the prize for their family!  You rock and this blog is to honor your faves from the last year in portraits for Unveil your Cinderella!  Enjoy clicking through! xo


Meet the Team


Most of my clients get to know and love my team pretty quickly.  However, for those who are checking us out, we thought you'd enjoy seeing us in action in this little behind the scenes video we created. 

Sara is my studio manager and is the behind the scenes wizard who helps to keep everything on track on and off shoot days.  Jill is the magician who works her hair and make up artistry on clients who have styling services as a part of their portrait time. 


Hope to see you in studio soon so we can love on you and create portraits you will always cherish!  Give us a call at 443.676.5352 to book or gift an Unveil your Cinderella session!


Princess Sue

I create Unveil your Cinderella portrait sessions because I want to help women be present in the legacy their life was writing, to stop them from hiding from the camera.  I want women to shine in their portraits and love them, because they are loved.  Which is why Sue stopped me dead in my tracks at her pre-consult when she said, "oh I don't know if I deserve to feel like a princess because I'm so heavy." 

This broke my heart to hear, especially from someone who appreciates the value of professional portrait work so much.  Sue loves portrait work of her family, her precious pups and her friends.  She has professional portrait work all over her home...but someone was conspicuously missing in the portraits she loved.  That will change because NOW she finally loves portraits of herself as well! 

Sue radiates a joy that bubbles up from deep within.  She is quick to fill any room she's in with laughter and joy.  My team had so much fun creating portraits with Sue and I hope her experience will remind every woman that the Unveil your Cinderella day is created for the thin and the curvy, the young and the experienced, the shy and the bold, the creative and the logical, the scared and the brave, the inconspicuous and the bold, the introvert and the extrovert. 

Look at that smile!!  How can that not be on the walls of her home!?!  And I reminded Sue, "smiles are proof that curves are a good thing!" 


There lives a woman immensely loved by everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with her through this life.  Why do they love her so?  Graciousness and kindness characterize her approach to everything and everyone in life.  Her thoughts are always of others first.  Selflessness is not just a lofty ideal or an erratic goal, but instead it's simply how she approaches life. 

So when this dear soul received an Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience as a gift, what was her first reaction?  To pass along the gift to her daughter.  No amount of prodding could convince her to use the gift she'd been given for herself.  Instead, she wanted her dear Adie recorded in portraits.

Adie is her mother's daughter and that is tribute more precious to her than the acclaim and awards she's earned along the way during her training as an architect.  She's quick with a gentle smile and kindness that is so reflective of her mother its uncanny.  This whole portrait process was a new world for Adie which she embraced with grace and humility. 

Milena and Adie were over joyed at the gallery we created.  Milena, true to her life giving habit with her words shared this:  Jennifer, All of the pictures are a piece of art! You were able to capture so well Adie's internal light and combined with the external lighting and your talented eye, you have created master pieces!!! We can't thank you enough for all that, your time, effort and professionalism!!!  Your positive energy, thoughtfulness, talent and passion are so unique and admirable! INCREDIBLE WORK!!!  Thank you for THIS INVALUABLE GIFT.  It will last us for the rest of our lives! :)) You are an Angel!!          ~Milena Koshar