Sweet and Sassy 16 Olivia is full of spunk, spark and drive.  After spending some time with her and her parents, it's pretty clear it's firmly rooted in her DNA.  Olivia is full steam ahead in everything she embraces through this life.  She's a scholar and an athlete who attends Oldfields and has set excellence as her mark in all she does.    She leads her class at Oldfields with the same leadership she brings to the athletic fields.

Olivia's primary passion in life is softball (and poptarts!).  She travels 3 hours round trip for her practices weekly to play at Rising Sun for the Maryland Legends, while maintaining straight A's.  When she's not on the fields practicing her game or on the field her dad created for her, she's hitting the gym to develop herself further as an accomplished athlete.  Her aspiration is to continue making her mark on the softball fields through college. 

To compete at this level, the workout that happens in the gym is just as important as the training on the field.  Olivia takes both very seriously and plans to have her gym time a part of her life long commitment to health and fitness. 

Olivia straddles the two worlds between beauty and strength with grace and a lot of laughter!

Best wishes on your continued success on the softball fields and in the classroom!  Reach for the stars and keep smiling all the while!