Diane, Bridget & Ryleigh

Bridget wanted to create an Unveil your Cinderella day to mark this time in her pregnancy with her two favorite girls, her mom and daughter.   She wanted to honor all the self sacrificial love Diane pours into her family every day on so many fronts.  She wanted a few hours where her mom was treasured and shown her beautiful for all she is to her family, while preserving that in portraits to always remember the special day.  We were so excited for this shoot because Bridget was so sweet every step of the way and we realized this was our first 3 generational Unveil your Cinderella shoot!

It was amazing to see how strong the resemblance of Bridget was to her mom throughout our portrait experience.   Diane wasn't so sure about portrait time going in, but it didn't take her to long to know we were creating something pretty special of her with her precious girls.  They have very few photos of the 3 of them together and these brought so many smiles to their faces.  Bridget has told me multiple times how she treasures the special memories they all made on their Unveil your Cinderella day and said Rayleigh keeps asking when they can come back to do it all again!

Ryleigh was so excited about her Elsa hair do my stylist Jill created.  Jill cleverly hid the recent haircut that Ryleigh had given herself just days prior to her portrait date!  As you can imagine, Bridget and Diane were very relieved!  Diane brought her blue dress which she's held onto for 19 years because it made her feel like a princess when she wore it for a wedding she was in...so awesome we could tag into that the day of their shoot.

Bridget, I wish you all the best as you celebrate the arrival of your precious son!  He is blessed to be born into all the love that so clearly abounds between you all.