Top 25 of 2015

Who knew?  Who knew that this Unveil your Cinderella dream I had would resonate so deeply within the souls of the women who partner with us to make magic for just one day?  A day they say they will never forget.  I certainly didn't.  I never realized the depth of the power in portrait creation when it embraces the whole person.  I never realized how many women are desperate to see beauty in themselves that's eluded them.  This year has offered many, many chances for me and my clients to slow down and for them to be heard.  I hear what they long to see in their portraits...what they long to see in themselves that's often been buried by life's demands.  Some can give that desire words...some cannot.  I see it in their eyes. 

This year my clients trusted me and my team to do what they say no one has ever done for them before...make them feel beautiful and record that to remind them of what lies inside them.  I want you to know, your tears are precious when you see yourself after your make over...after you see yourself on the back of my camera...after you see your gallery revealed...after you see yourself on pieces prepared for your walls reminding you always you are a thing of beauty that should be smiled upon.  So many of you have become dear friends.  You've told me this day was better than's's's more precious than words can describe.  I am blown away every...single...time.  I am delighted by all the 50 & 60 something Cinderellas who've come because it's finally time for them to stop being absent in portraits and instead stand up and be counted.  We laugh together...we cry together...I feel as though my family has grown very large!  Thank you for believing me when I assured you I could show your beauty, your grace, and your heart on your sleeve.  Thank you, thank you for all the kind and encouraging words and many of you hold such a special place in my heart.  I feel as though our stories are forever linked and who knew that would happen through portrait creation!

 So, narrowing down to a top (about) 25 from the easy task!  These sessions are where the artist in me comes fully many of you are deeply etched into my mind and heart.  Enjoy clicking through my faves from the year! xo