Meet Katie, our newest JDP senior!  We had a blast creating a portrait experience for her that encapsulated her creative artistic side and her fierce competitor on the volleyball court side. 

While creating with Katie in our first set up I could not help but keep thinking of Kirsten Dunst from her role as Mary Jane in the first Spiderman movie!   And how uncanny, because Katie is a huge Marvel comics fan!  (you'll see her in her Marvel comics t-shirt in her JDP senior White Couch model shoot as she's also joining our model program).  She also strongly resembles Poison Ivy and Amy Adams so we found inspiration there as well!     

Katie is a senior at Oldfields School where she boards this year.  As she is preparing to wrap up her time at the school, she's looking forward to one last trip abroad this spring with her friends at Oldfields just prior to graduation.  The exposure to world cultures is one of the things Katie most cherishes about her time at Oldfields.

Just putting on a volleyball jersey made Katie eager for volleyball season to begin and compete on the court. 

Katie is a creative writer and we wanted to capture her love of writing in her portraits as well.  We landed on creating a scene of antiquity related to writing.  We joked that we went from 2016 to 1910 all in one 3 hour senior portrait experience!  Chase your dreams Katie--the world awaits you!