Life is surely full of twists and turns that we can never anticipate.  How we handle those twists and turns determines pretty much everything about how our life is going to go.  This Unveil your Cinderella session was hired by Mona's husband Robbie as a going away present.  The whole family has just made a huge transition to Florida for Robbie's job.  Mona's heartbroken to leave, but trusting the Lord has plans for her there that will make this whole transition bearable.

Mona thought their families last move to PA would be their she knows to never say never because it almost seems you are inviting that very thing you are certain won't happen into your life.  Robbie knows how hard it is to pick up and leave the community that they have built around them.  Most especially their friends they have connected to through LifePoint Church.  A small contingent of that community loaded up into a car and drove down to FL to surprise Mona for New Years.  Her tears of joy made all the hours crammed in the car worth it for her dear friends! 

Mona has always dreamed of doing an Unveil your Cinderella session and Robbie made that dream come true for his bride.   He wanted to help ease the big transition that awaited them.   Mona know that far or near you are close in all our hearts and we love you!!  Blink of an eye and we'll all be together again!