snow Cinderella

Kathie will forever be known to me as Snow Cinderella...she received her Unveil your Cinderella dream portrait experience as a gift from her husband.  (hint, hint guys, you can't go wrong here!)  She told me how much she just loved snow and wanted to have her portraits created in snow. 


Well, if there's one thing about Maryland weather that's predictable, it's that it is unpredictable!  So with my busy schedule and Kathie's busy schedule we just had to hope and pray for her dream of snow to happen on our session date. 

Kathie's dear friend Debi was praying for snow for her, lo and behold, snow arrived the day of Snow Cinderella's shoot!  So she was able to wear her dream dress, to create these stunning portraits!   If you'd like to see more dresses like this--check out Love it at Stellas in downtown Westminster.  It's housed in the old Westminster Inn and is a GORGEOUS place to buy your special event dresses...they have renovated the inside to be a woman's paradise!

So, not only did Kathie get snow for her shoot day, she also got it for her View & Choose day.  Remember that snowstorm last week that dumped a foot of snow on us?  Well, I figured of course we would reschedule.  That's now what Snow Cinderella was thinking!  She was confident in her snow driving ability and came right out!  She assured me driving was easy!  You go girl!!!  Here's her leaving my home in the snow storm, stopping for a quick photo op!