Wow...ladies, I've got to tell you, the team and I are still in a bit of shock.  As I imagine Becki is too!  Becki expressed interest in an Unveil your Cinderella session at the same time we were in planning mode for a video we wanted to shoot about the Cinderella day.  We approached Becki about being our model and she was intrigued.  Lots of my clients tell me they feel like a Westminster movie star after their blog hits, so I imagined a video could have potential for greater recognition than normal.  We discussed that Becki would likely be the face of my Unveil your Cinderella line for our area and would be recognized in the community.  She embraced it as a new adventure in her life.  This woman is a world traveler who takes bold steps into the opportunities placed before her.  That is just one of the cool things about Becki--her sense of adventure and exploration that make her an amazing powerhouse! 

We uploaded our video to YouTube and then decided we would also like to promote it via Facebook with a direct upload.  Little did we realize it would be viewed on FB over 50,000 times in a week and a half!  We are still all looking at one another in disbelief!  The feedback from women has been phenomenal (and men too who are purchasing these as gifts!).  So many of you resonate with being the woman who is always behind the camera and missing from the photos of your life, or the one who hides from the camera in fear, or the one who just realized she has no portraits of herself that she's happy to pass on to her children.  You have messaged me over and over again expressing this sentiment.  This tells me the video relayed exactly what we hoped, that this is a cherishing time for women.  It marks one day, just one day to be at the top of the 'to do' list to honor the love and devotion that marks your daily life.  One day that makes memories of a lifetime.

Prior to the public posting of the video, I invited some clients to a premier of the video in a happy hour I hosted.  We shared a glass of wine and celebrated all things beautiful for women as we unveiled the video.  Becki was able to attend and her mom came to be a part as well.  Watching mom's tears while she celebrated her daughter...priceless.   At the end Becki's mom told her which portrait was her just happened to be the one Becki had already chosen for her mom as a gift in the form of a canvas.  It was ready for Becki to take with her that evening to gift to her mom!  Do those two know each other or what!?

So thank you everyone!  Thank you to Becki for being the perfect woman to fill these big shoes and for embracing and celebrating fearlessly every step along the way with us!  Thank you to Jill Jackson, my stylist, who works so closely with me to create these beautiful stylings that leave women grinning ear to ear!  Thank you to Sara Butler, my studio manager,  who took a lot of leaps of faith with every step of this process to make this magic happen.  And thank you to AP Media, Lee Emmons in particular, for working so closely with us to bring to fruition what started as a dream! 

Lastly and most importantly, I want to tell all my ladies out there THANK YOU!!!!!!  You all have watched this, talked about it, shared it, asked questions about it and many of you are booking it for yourselves or saving for it or even better, your husbands are gifting it to you!  Many of you have offered to be my next model, thank you!  Ladies, I am so eager to meet you and celebrate you in a way that will always help you remember the day you felt most beautiful in your life!