Each one of my Unveil your Cinderella clients makes a mark in my memory as I create with them.  Sometimes it's the milestone a woman has reached when she greets me that sticks with me long after her session is over.  Sometimes it's the life story she shares of the significance of a day like this for her.  Always it's the beautiful I see each client finally seeing in themselves that sticks with me the longest. 

I had a really unique and cool experience with Wendy and her husband Ron in her View & Choose.   These two were so completely in sync in their favorites and why certain portraits pulled at them more than others...it was uncanny!  Ron cheered Wendy on through her whole Unveil your Cinderella day and was so excited for her to have this experience...he was bursting at the seams to see what we created...it was just a beautiful thing to behold.  Then after a great time together in our View and Choose, while leaving he thanked me for helping women to see the beautiful in themselves that their husbands have seen since the day they fell in love.   That will certainly stick with me a LONG time!  Thank you Ron for delighting in the bride of your youth and finding her more precious to you than the day you married her over 20 years ago!