Sometimes it's the littlest things in life that end up making the biggest impact. Carie joined me for her Unveil your Cinderella day and in conversation during her styling, I realized her passion for cars.  It's not everyday you meet a woman who is so interested in vintage cars.  I was intrigued, so I asked a few questions.

I learned Carie's love of cars began with her dad, Jimmy Wagner.  They traveled the country together to attend car shows to celebrate cars and the stories they tell when you pause long enough to listen.  Carie lost her dad a little over a year ago and the sting is still very real.   He passed his beloved Impala on to Carie.  She's had offers from people to buy this car and she has repeatedly said, "sorry, it's not for sale."

During our discussion, we realized her husband happened to be home from work that day.  My wheels began to spin...I mentioned it would be awesome if he could bring the vintage 1962 Chevy Impala to my studio for her session.  He was happy to oblige Carie's request. 

Now Carie's love of her dad, their cherished time together traveling the country to car shows and the car that he passed on to her is memorialized in this portrait creation.  She has photos that tell the story of she and her dad together over the years hanging on her wall, the earliest dating back to when she was about 4 in front of her dad's '32 coup.  Upon leaving, Carie's husband happened to chatting with my husband about the car and commented how special this day was to Carie after walking through a rough year since losing her dad.  He was so happy for her to have this day and all that it meant to her along the way.  Precious indeed...