sherri & madison

Sherri and Madison joined me for a Mother Daughter Unveil your Cinderella session.  "I'll be husband and father of the year with this gift," Mike told me when he purchased the session.  We hear that a lot around here!  Our clients often tell us their gifted portrait session ranks as the best gift they have ever received!  High praise indeed and we are consistently humbled and grateful for the opportunity to provide an experience of this caliber for our clients.

Be still my heart on the portrait created above...I won't always be able to explain why some portraits grab the artist soul that burns in me...but this one does...I want to hang this piece in a villa in Tuscany...

During our pre-consultation meeting we envisioned the session we'd create...we dreamed big and then worked together to create this stunning portrait gallery.  The Shaffery's own a pool building business, Elite Pools which specializes in creating custom pool designs for their clients.  They have just created an oasis of relaxation in my backyard which you will see in portraits!  Below you will see part of the pool during the construction phase.  It joins the ranks as one of my favorite uniquely beautiful backdrops Jennifer DiDio Photography is known for.

Madison and Sherri were such a delight to create portraits with.  They soaked in the styling time together and laughed together throughout the day.  Frequently I overhead Madison saying, "Mommy you look so pretty."  Precious time indeed with these two!  Enjoy these on your walls as they make your new house feel like a home