Turning 40 is a big deal and let's face it something that a lot of women fear.  It doesn't have to be that way though.  For some it is a time to kick up your boots and celebrate!  That's the path that Kitty has chosen!  And to mark this momentous time she decided an Unveil your Cinderella day was just the thing to ring in her 40th year! 

Raising three sons, working, caring for hubby after surgery, coordinating a soccer program, volunteering with 4-H and managing a home doesn't allow much time for just about anything else in Kitty's life.  And that's why I love these portrait sessions so much.  Women move heaven and earth to carve out a day for Unveil your Cinderella magic.  It's one day that women who pour themselves into caring for everyone around them get to be cared for while creating portraits that will be part of their legacy.  Portraits they will be proud to know their children will cherish.

Legacy has taken on new meaning for Kitty as she lost her beloved mother last year.  Navigating life as a mother without your mother is something that leaves a woman feeling at a loss in countless ways.  Kitty is wearing her mom's necklace, a heart close to her own heart.  It's precious to her that this necklace is in her portraits.  It's often the little things that remind us most of the people who have left the biggest mark on our lives. 

So Kitty has invited over 100 of her closest friends over to her barn tonight to help her bring in her 40th birthday with a giant celebration!  We decided to release her blog on her party day so she could celebrate it at her party.  I wish you all the best at your 40th party and I say, "Happy 40th beautiful and as you continue your life of service and love to those in your circle, remember to continue celebrating your own milestones as well!"