phil & judi


Blog followers may remember a client whose marriage was in the midst of a revolution about 15 months ago.  Judi shared her story of how the Forty Beads book changed her ho-hum existence of a marriage into a 2nd honeymoon that has them both grinning to this day almost a year and a half later.  After her Unveil your Cinderella session she surpised Phil with, she told me she couldn't wait to come back to have me create a couple portrait session for her.

Judi and I have talked at length about the joy that's invaded her life since her marriage has been re-invigorated.  We all know that life has a way of invading our most precious relationships and sucking all the energy and passion away from them.  This is often the state of marriage as anyone with careers, children and homes knows.  Couples have a decision to make...invest in their marriage and pour the energy and work required to tend to the fires, or don't and accept a luke warm existence (at best) with the person they once considered their soul mate.   Phil and Judi chose invest! 

These two just passed their 39th anniversary of the year they met...and Phil made an informal proposal 5 days later!  I know this because Judi is marking their milestones.  What an incredible model of the joy found in marriage when a husband remembers to 'rejoice in the wife of his youth' and a wife esteems the man she loves. 


At their View & Choose Phil asked me, 'Is it ok for me to re-arrange the furniture?'  I assumed he wanted to move closer to the big screen to view his portraits.  Instead he moved the chair that was less than 2 feet away from Judi, right up next to hers to grab her hand and watch their portraits play out before them.   Incredibly precious and a lesson to be learned by all of us who haven't logged those years in our marriage!  Continue to inspire and be a blessing you two!