Where does the journey to lose over 60 pounds begin?  With the realization that you are worth it.  The realization that you are not meant to look into a mirror and decide you want to hide from every mirror in your path.  Amanda's journey to lose over 60 pounds since January began with the realization that it was time to make her health a priority and end the thinking that led her to stop caring about herself and for herself.  We had a few heart to hearts during her Unveil your Cinderella journey and I reminded her she was beautiful at every stage...she has such a beautiful spirit that makes her a joy to know...the problem was she didn't feel that way. 

Amanda is the kind of woman who pours herself into everyone around her, every day, all day.  She teaches kindergarten and actually was recently named Outstanding Teacher for 2015 by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce!  When it was announced via social media she gave a shout out to all her co-workers who have cheered her on in her teaching journey she considers a blessing to be on.   Amanda lives and breathes encouragement to those around her and is one of the tenderest souls you'll ever meet.   However sometimes women with these very big hearts end up last on the list when it comes to caring for themselves.  Amanda realized this about herself and knew it was time to take charge of her health.  Healthy is becoming a lifestyle around Amanda's house.  Her family recently completed a Color Run together and had a blast!  Everyday Amanda wakes up early to work out for 30 minutes prior to the madness of the morning routine beginning.

Amanda and her husband have 3 beautiful little girls, they call their Three Graces.  Amanda pours into those little girls from a seemingly boundless energy supply.   She knew she wanted to begin modeling a healthier lifestyle for her girls and for herself and realized that the 25 lbs she gained with each baby was still with her.  Her girls cheered her on as her weight loss journey began.  Her oldest kept track and noted, 'you lost me, now two more to go Momma!'  Amanda told me she had tried everything when it came to weight loss and Beach Body is what finally enabled her to lose the weight she'd been struggling with for years. 

With three little girls, Amanda is very aware how important it is to use words like strong and healthy instead of skinny.  She is also aware how important it is for her to feel comfortable in her own skin.  She is now a coach to help cheer on women like herself in their journey to get healthy.  She realized food had become a comfort for her after losing a pregnancy and she had never fully healed from that.  That depression crept into her soul and was stealing away her joy.  She knows many other women are in the same 'stuck' spot she was and has a tender spot for encouraging them on their journey.   Amanda's girls cheer her on in her healthy lifestyle of exercise and portion control too.  Even when that means they have to be bold with the McDonald's attendant who asks for the third time, 'are you sure you don't want anything for yourself' on a rare trip for Happy Meals.   After 5 1/2 months of no McDonald's Amanda's willpower was beginning to fade after the 2nd "no thank you."   Her oldest stepped in for her Momma and boldly spoke up ---"My Mommy's getting healthy, no she doesn't want any McDonalds!'