I can't begin to express how much so many of my clients have grabbed a piece of my heart.  I never imagined when I began a portrait business that I would link arms with so many stories of life.  The gratitude so many of you share with me is humbling and fueling all at the same time. 

I met Jen through the video we created to share all about the Unveil your Cinderella experience.  She wanted a portrait surprise for her husband and we set to work.  Just so happened on the day of Jen's session my Snow Cinderella was stopping by to pick up her wall art from her session.  She also had a surprise gift for me.  She said when she saw this vintage hat in the portrait above, she thought of me and wanted to see one of my Cinderellas in it.  This kind of thoughtfulness is a constant reminder to me that a pursuit of excellence from A-Z for every client is something my clients cherish and allows for wonderful relationships to begin. I look around my office and see beautiful reminders of sentiments clients have shared with me...thank you for being so wonderful Jennifer DiDio Photography clients! 

Jen's heart is tender and kind and she was soooo eager to share this surprise with her husband.  We had a blast creating the magic of her Unveil your Cinderella day together!  May the memories you made stay with you always beautiful!!