Tradition can be breath taking...especially in portraits.  Marissa is about to begin her senior year at Oldfields School in Sparks.  Oldfields is a private girls college preparatory school that's over 150 years old and steeped in rich tradition.  Oldfields prides itself on focusing on what's most important--each girl's success as a student, a leader, an athlete, an artist, or an adventurer.

Oldfields commencement every year is attended by all the girls and they get to choose their own white gown for the ceremony.   So much more beautiful than how it's typically done!  That's a tradition that lends itself so well to portrait creation. 

Marissa is an artist...she lives and breathes creating.  Be it acting, singing, dancing, sewing---she embraces her medium to bring forth something from nothing.  Ahhh...just writing that makes my heart sing...As you can imagine, creating a senior portrait experience with Marissa was pure delight!

Marissa happened to be booking her senior portrait experience just as we are launching a new underwater portrait offering.  Some seniors will choose to designate 30 minutes of their session time, based on the package they choose, towards this type of creation.  We are so excited about this offering.  The next blog will feature Marissa as she's always dreamed...underwater!  Here's a peek!