Clients tell me all the time they love following what we produce because there's such an enjoyable unpredictability to the work.   Combine my never stopping brain with an incredible team and clients who are happy to jump into the creative process and realize portraits can create art from their lives and watch beauty emerge.

Marissa...or Mer-rissa as I will always remember her... was our very first client to take the plunge and she was jumping out of her skin in excitement.  She created her own mermaid tail you see featured here!  She's a seamstress and a strong swimmer whose always dreamed of being a mermaid.  You know the expression, 'like a kid in a candy shop'---well that was Mer-rissa.  Her mer-mom Kelli was there to help and cheer along each step of the process too!  Watching her delight as Mer-rissa swam freely in her tail was a joy to behold.

The shell Marissa is holding is from the Mediterranean.  She brought it back from a recent school trip to Spain.  Just love when we can pull elements that tell the story of your life into our portrait creation. 

"Thank you for making Marissa's dreams come true!  I wish 5 year old Marissa knew this day would come!  Thank you so much!!"  My absolute pleasure Kelli and what a joy to partner with a mom and dad who are in the business of helping make dreams come true for their girls!