the short princesses

As moms we all feel the years race ahead of us, as we try to catch our breaths between drop offs and pick ups, homework piles, meals, laundry, careers....the list could go on ad infinitum.  Christina has a definite sense of this and made the decision years ago to have portraits with her girls created annually for Mother's Day.  

How cool will those be to look back over as the years lunge forward?  Christina learned about my portrait services after we launched our Unveil your Cinderella video.  She was so excited to have an opportunity for her and her girls. 

All 4 princesses had their hair and make up creations and got to giggle with one another and ooohh and ahhhh as each was completed.   The end of the blog has a quick grab of the girls reactions when they saw mom for the first time when her styling was completed!  Priceless moment indeed!

There is something pretty special about creating these sessions for mothers and daughters...mothers tell me all the time that they made memories they will cherish forever, along with portraits that bring them to tears that are priceless to them. 

Making memories with her girls is a top priority for Christina.  She loves to be in the kitchen cooking with them and they even started their own cooking blog--The Short Order Cook--check it out to find great kid tested and approved recipes!  I am dying to make the 4 ingredient peanut butter cookies!

It was such a pleasure to create and laugh with you dear ones!  I look forward to hearing about some new recipes in the future!!  Enjoy your laughter in the kitchen...time around the table is time you will never regret spending in life!