finding inspiration

I told Kara that I kept thinking "Ophelia" when I created the piece above for her during her UW--underwater portrait experience.  Shakespeare's fictional character in Hamlet has been portrayed by many artists over the centuries.  Art created hundreds of years ago and art created today swirl around in my brain as a constant source of inspiration for the creative work my clients often say they seek me out for.  People will often ask how a creative finds inspiration for their work. 

My brain never stops...I mean never.  Incessantly I take in the world around me and that rabbit trails to 12 different paths in any given moment...exhausting--yes, but helps me sleep really well at night!  Ever seen that FB post "Want to know what a woman's brain is like?  Imagine 100 windows open on your desktop at one time--yup!"  I'd agree!  Add to that a burning desire to create and you get a brain with eyes wide open, all the time!

I am heavily influenced by my love of art, predominately in the form of paintings and portrait work of all varieties.  Images become emblazoned on my brain and then become a fuel to my creative process.  It's impossible for me to photograph a mother and her child and not think of Mary Cassat and Picasso...a dancer and not think of Degas and Pan...a contemplative portrait and not think of Rembrandt and Avedon...a fine art nude and not think of Matisse and Ritts...a family scene and not think of Rockwell and Daly...the list could go on and on...I am so grateful for others who answer the call on their lives to create and for the opportunity to be on this journey of creating with them!