susan & emma

It's not often, but on a rare occasion it's the husband/father who reaches out to me to inquire about a special portrait gift for his girls.  John did that for his Susan and Emma.  He wanted them to have the Unveil your Cinderella experience.  Be still my heart when hubby/dad's ready to update his portraits of his favorite girls in ways that he knows they will make memories and portraits they'll love! 

This mother/daughter Unveil your Cinderella portrait session was right up one of these two's alley...the other one...well it was about the last thing she'd ever expect to find herself signed up for.   I have created portrait experiences for lots of women who never imagined themselves standing before my lens and I just love it!  Stepping outside an area of comfort to stretch what you thought a day would hold for you...with the hope that your experience will mirror what you've heard all the buzz is about...very cool!

Emma is a PIT--photographer in training.  She loves to take a camera and survey the world around her with eyes wide open to find beauty she can lock down.  She and friend do photo-shoots together, experimenting and challenging each other.  So it was only fitting that she should 'photograph' her beautiful momma!  Love that Emma had this idea while we were creating...then we incorporated a modern twist of 'previewing' the portraits on the back screen of the vintage camera.  Look for a blog to follow featuring Emma for her senior portrait experience.