Emma's about to begin her senior year...a time that we love to mark in portraits that express all the promise life holds for these tender lives as they prepare to launch into the next season of their lives.

Emma is an artist...a musician...a photographer...an equestrian...a soccer player...she laughs easily and her smile is contagious.  I adored the riding boots she brought to her session.  She mentioned they were her favorite riding boots and she got them at a tack shop used sale.  So much character and story wrapped up in a pair of boots like that!  Emma's adding her own equestrian tales with her hours logged in the saddle.  However, unlike their previous owner, she could never imagine parting with these beloved boots.

I adore my time with other creatives because they are so ready to launch outside the box of the expected and create timeless pieces along side the 'expected' pieces.   We've embodied Emma's playful silly side right next to her serious artist side.  Enjoy this last year of highschool as you prepare to spread your wing to fly dear one!