Zoe's about to start her senior year and her mom knew just who she wanted to create a senior portrait experience for her daughter.   I created an Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience for Jill over the winter and she couldn't wait to share this experience with her daughter.  She knew Zoe was in good hands with my team as we cherish our clients and make sure they leave knowing they were our top priority.  Clients tell me over and over again that the memories they make during the portrait experience rank as one of their most memorable experiences. 

Zoe brought her beloved little Carl to her session and he sat right beside her and in her lap throughout her entire styling time.  Blog followers may remember Carl from Jill's session.  Carl is a little heart breaker!  Occasionally he'd walk around to check things out, but mostly he kept an eye on his Zoe.  Then as Momma Jill arrived he eagerly ran to her side.  Jill told me she knows I'm going to need to borrow him for a client's session since he's a model dog!  Something tells me Carl won't have any problems with that request!  He's a regular pro now!

Carl had to be reminded whose portrait session this was when he didn't want to leave the yoga scene we set up for Zoe.  We decided to allow him in as he pleaded with...well..his puppy dog eyes!  So, yes, the center frame above has Carl in the bottom right hand corner.  He's easy to miss but we did throw a quick light on him to ensure he was visible!  Yoga is something Zoe enjoys and we thought it would be cool for her to see her yoga abilities years from now, so we incorporated it right into her portrait time. 

Zoe was interested in her playful side being the tone of her portrait gallery but she was also happy to oblige a few more dramatic portraits like above.   My wheel house is usually the more dramatic portraits, so Zoe helped to stretch me while still creating portraits she wasn't sure about and then ended up loving. 

Zoe was nunsure about underwater time and pretty nervous.  I assured her she would be where she could stand the entire time so that alleviated a lot of her concerns.  She joined me underwater to create portraits and did an awesome job!  It's not easy but so worth the work to create underwater.  After she saw what we created,  Zoe was so glad she braved the underwater to create!  Shine on dear one--you've got a very exciting year ahead of you before you launch out to make your beautiful mark on this world!