Meet Lena---our Jennifer DiDio Photography senior model!  We will be kicking off a senior model program this fall with our current seniors who we have already created portrait experiences for.   This senior model program will be by invite.  Lena will be featured in an upcoming video this fall! 

Lena embraced everything about how we create portraits and was super excited to be offered the opportunity to represent our portrait services for Unveil your Cinderella seniors.  Working with her has been awesome!  I could tell immediately during her pre-consult meeting that her thoughtful approach to my portrait creation would make her an ideal candidate to represent us in a video that showcased what our senior portrait experiences are like. 

We announced months ago we were considering creating a video, but we were waiting for just the right match in a client.  It was clear during her pre-consult meeting that Lena is thoughtful, humble, creative, a hard worker and thoroughly enjoys the creative process.  Top that all off with her gorgeousness and she was the perfect pick! 

Lena is a senior at Westminster High this year.  She's involved in theater productions while also working.  If she looks familiar to you, then you may recognize her from Chick Fila where she spends a lot of hours outside of school working.

Lena's senior portrait experience showcases her beauty and her bravery (as you'll see in her upcoming underwater blog next week!)  She took the plunge from a diving board in a run-way style cat walk into the pool!

Our film is under construction as we speak by the very talented Wise Films.  They kept up with the brisk pace of our shoot from A-Z with the excellence our clients have come to expect from us.  We wanted to showcase a large segment of the variety of studio created portraits we offer our clients.  We have found that our senior girls love this inside time as a departure from the 'standing in a field' they feel has been overdone in the last several years.  It's also a great way to protect the amazing hair and make up styling creation my stylist Jill Jackson creates for them!  No humidity problems here! 

Lena told me the dramatic flare of my portraits is what most drew her in.  She was hoping to have that created for her.  She wanted her portraits to reflect intensity and drama.  (I did still get her to smile for several throughout the day!) 

We did also venture outside into the heat and humidity for a bit...literally grabbing the two minutes of sunflare that peeked through the grey skies we had that night!  This was our last set up prior to taking the plunge for underwater portraits!!  Look for that blog next week!