Andrea's heart is tender and her smile is shy...until it's not.  Then it's quick and it lights up a room.  I told her I felt like I was photographing for an international beauty pageant as I photographed her!  This Colombian beauty certainly needs a crown!

It had been 8 years since she'd been home to see her mom in Colombia for Christmas.  She decided this would be the year she would surprise them all by showing up, arms full of presents and announce her presence with "the queen of the castle is here!"  She knew to prepare herself to be pummeled by hugs and shrieks of delight. 

Andrea wanted beautiful portraits to leave with her mom who calls her everyday...just because she misses her girl!  Andrea is the only child who left Colombia and there are people close to Andrea's family who've never met her.  Now her mom will have a beautiful collection of her girl to help bridge the miles that separate them.  I told her she'll say 'this is my movie star daughter who lives in America!'

Andrea sang and danced through most of her session, true to her Latino roots, the music just moves through her!  Such a delight to record this beauty!