Princess Reba

Most women decide after 50 that time will take it's toll and resign themselves to the affects of aging.  Not Reba.  Occasionally women like Reba rise up and commit to embracing life with strength and grace.  That's Reba.

Years ago, when her son was in Boy Scouts, Reba decided it was time to start engaging physically in life again so she could participate in the physical challenges along side her teenager.  This led to weight loss and an increased desire to engage with life around her rather than watching it go by her from the sidelines.  Reba began her pursuit of health and fitness in a way that took hold and surprised even her. 

This led to her desire to pursue this as a career.  While she personal trains women of all ages, she is especially passionate about encouraging women to be fabulous and fit over 50.  She's in high demand for her personal training services right now and will soon be launching her website.  We created strength and fitness images for her website and we will share those in the future when she's ready to launch her website.  For now, you can find Reba on FB here!