Princess Bridget

No, I didn't create portraits for Katherine Heigl, this is Bridget who might just be your child's PE teacher, believe it or not!!  Bridget just turned 40 and her Unveil your Cinderella portrait time was a chance to mark the time for this gentle soul and take one day to celebrate her in the creative portrait process. 

Bridget's Prince Charming James wanted to mark this time as special for his girl.  He surprised her with a trip away for just the two of them and they reveled in the time together with just one agenda:  enjoy one another's company!  He also took the lead on lavishing his girl with her portrait order as a capstone to her birthday celebration.  He wants to see his work of art as a work of art in their home and stood in awe admiring his girl on the big screen all night during our View & Choose.  

Bridget wanted her Prince Charming to be included in her portrait time, so we invited James for the last 20 minutes.  He was almost speechless when he laid eyes on Bridget and I have a suspicion that something may or may not have gotten in his eye. 

This collection is sure to be cherished by these love birds 40 years from now while they rock in their rockers and reminiscence with lines upon their faces from a lifetime of shared smiles!  Something tells me they'll still be grossing out their girls with all their kissing.  "You guys kiss all the time, yuck!" shared their daughter during the View & Choose.  That's an incredible blessing to be raised under dear one.  You've set the bar high with how you love and honor each other...that's very plainly written Bridget and James.