Princess Shannon

I won't forget the first time I spoke to Shannon.  She called and said, 'This has been on my bucket list and it's time!"  Shannon, like so many moms, spends her days caring for her four children, her husband and patients while she takes shifts as a nurse.  Her days are spent pouring out herself to care for those that surround her.

Shannon's days are packed with so much she loves in this life.  It's clear by how easily she smiles and the kindness that radiates from deep within this gentle soul.  You'll find her in a ponytail and scrubs on any average day.  And yet on this one pampering day, this mom got to be reminded of what it feels like to dress up and be taken care of while we created legacy portraits to remind her of her Unveil your Cinderella day!

It's not often in life that a mom's able to be taken care of, but that's what we specialize in our Unveil your Cinderella days!  The beauty you see on the outside is just a reflection of what's radiating from the inside.  Shine on dear one! 

May you pour your heart of love out on all those fortunate enough to cross paths with you through this life!