Good things come to those who wait.  That's what I told Brittany as her mom Beth shared that she had been waiting very patiently for her senior portrait experience with me for a long time.  

I could see the eager anticipation in those mesmerizing blue eyes and was eager to create for her.  So how fitting that we should incorporate a new fine art portrait creation into Brittany's session that you see above.

The artist creating art and becoming art--that was my goal in creation of the two fine art pieces for Brittany.  I just love when we can engage and reveal the multiple facets that make up our JDP seniors.  Brittany's dad Joe especially loves the portrait she created and now he'll have it preserved in a way that will stop him in his tracks every time he sees it.

Brittany is not just a talented artist, but she's also an athlete.  She is a 2nd degree black belt and competes in track and field.  The incredible strength training she's conditioned for her sports came in very handy in the fine art portrait creation!  Enjoy the last chunk of your senior year girl!  Graduation is going to feel right around the corner!