Salome & Stephanie

It's often said when we have children we end up reproducing ourselves, for all our glories and imperfections.  After creating a Mother Daughter Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience for Salome and Stephanie, I confirm this to be true.   However, I could only see good deposit after good deposit reflected in the young woman Stephanie has become.  Stephanie is certainly a beautiful reflection of her mother and Salome certainly has an enormous amount to be proud of in the daughter she loves so dearly.

Stephanie is so much like Salome, it is uncanny.  From her love of art, her gentle mannerism, her kindness and her decision to become a doctor...she is her mom through and through.  So much so that although Salome planned to have this Cinderella portrait experience last year, Stephanie surprised everyone by pursuing early admission to college.  When she was accepted it meant leaving months earlier than expected.  Likely, Salome wasn't really surprised, mostly proud and a tiny bit disappointed to have to put the portrait time on hold till Christmas break.  

A memory making day like this holds special significance to Salome, as she lost her mom when she was just 19.  When death marches in to take what we so desperately long to keep, it leaves an indelible mark.  It creates an urgency to embrace life and gratefulness for blessings that may be fleeting.  Life is not something you take for granted.

It's clear Salome is eager to embrace life and explore all the opportunities in her path.  She's a busy mom of three, a wife, a physician, a soccer player for the last 20 years, and an artist.  There aren't enough hours in the day for her to explore all that interests her in life.  I can relate and love it when I meet people who live and breathe that philosophy of life!   Such a blast with these two Cinderellas!