Inga & Sophia

It's a funny thing being a can't wait to grow up and be big...and then it's not long intolife before you find yourself wishing for the days of being young and little again.  Moms find themselves in the tricky role of trying to help their little girls hold onto all it means to be young and care free while balancing their desire to grow into young women.

Inga has dreamed about an Unveil your Cinderella day for her and her Soph for a while now.  It was time to make it happen and we made memories and portraits that will last them a lifetime.  Both mom and Sophia are witty and full of spunk and spark.  They embraced the whole day with big smiles and a lot of laughter.  There are always moments to remember that emerge from these days, for Inga--it was seeing Sophia after she came out with her hair curled and then when they danced together and Sophia said, 'wow mom, you look like a supermodel!'  We both caught it and I know Inga will cherish that memory for a very long time...

Inga and my stylist Jill go way back...these two have some stories to tell from their high school days together.  Oh the stories that styling chair could tell...;)

Such a pleasure to partner with you girls to create this Unveil your Cinderella day of magic!  Can't wait to see pictures of your wall art in place bringing smiles to your face every day!