Princess Robin

Sometimes a gift comes along that makes you cry...and you keep crying because you find it amazing, but not something you ever imagined would come your way.  Those are the best kinds of gifts...out of the blue honoring gifts that remind a lovely bride how beautiful her husband still finds her...even when she has trouble seeing that herself.

Robin warned me at her pre-consult that she wasn't photogenic.  I told her that was untrue and promised I would show that to her.  If I had a nickel for every woman who told me that...sigh.  Portrait work slowed down, beginning in the styling chair to lay aside the hurry of the week and take one day to be at the top of the never ending 'to do' list!  It's why the Unveil your Cinderella day was born! 

Robin was radiant throughout her entire session.  A joy to dream, envision and create with as we Unveiled her Cinderella.   One of my personal favorites, below, makes me want to paint her.  I want to call this, "Woman at rest" because we all long, deep in our souls, to find rest and here I see that rest. 

Shine on dear one and remember to radiate all that lies within you!