Princess Laurie

Over 20 years of marriage and he still makes her feel like a princess!  Is it any wonder Laurie's husband gifted her with this Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience!?  Laurie was introduced to Unveil your Cinderella last year when we released our first video chronicling the experience.  Her closest friend said she was like a little girl, watching the video with unabashed joy, multiple times. 

That friend called to inquire about the experience for Laurie's husband as a surprise.  A lot of life tried to get in the way, but eventually the path was cleared for this petite powerhouse to make her way to me and fill the studio with smiles, energy and beauty!  Behold the beauty of this woman who radiates joy and kindness from inside out is locked down for those who love her to celebrate.  What a beautiful tribute to the woman who is always his princess...such a pleasure to cross paths with you Princess Laurie!