Dancing Princess Amelia

When you are in the dance studio over 20 hours a week while you are in middle school, that's a pretty good indication about how much dance has taken a deep rooted love in your heart. 

Amelia's love of dance has her practicing at home as well in her own dance room mom had designed into their home for her.  Amelia and her mom know she won't always be able to command her body to move into some of these contortions.  So, they wanted to preserve the beauty of her accomplishment as a dancer in portraits that will always take them both back to the thousands of hours she trained to perform like this. 

I've been hoping to create dance flour portraits for a while now so when Amelia requested we make an attempt, I was fully on board!  (giant mess and all!)  Love what we created for her!  Below, we wanted to trace her motions by slowing the shutter down considerably so we might watch the progression of her movement...so cool!  Amelia will have a 2nd installment of more gorgeous dance portraits in a blog coming up next week.