Abbey & Lindsey

When you are 4 and your sister's been around exactly double the length of time you have in life, it's easy for her to start as your hero.  Abbey watched her big sister Lindsey twirl around the house, in the studio and on the stage for years, waiting for her turn to join in officially on the stage.  Abbey's dance classes started when she was 4; however she'd been dancing around the house, on the driveway, in the basement and everywhere else a 4 year old can get to for years.  Abbey and Lindsey would wave down the ice cream truck driver, who initially thought they wanted ice cream.  Then as soon as he got close, they'd begin their routine.  He'd politely wait for them to finish and ask, "do you want any ice cream."  To which they'd reply, 'no' and keep dancing!  Their mom felt compelled to tip the driver! 

Wherever they could find an audience Abbey and Lindsey would dance.  That meant free entertainment for the neighbors and mom and dad...and anyone else they could wrangle into a chair to watch their performances.  The girls danced for Dance Unlimited company and were a part of dance competitions while maintaining a rigorous class schedule of ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary. 

There's very little in life more beautiful than to see these sisters thing tops it though.  Watching their endearment of one another.  They've been best friends throughout each phase of their life and crave each others presence in ways that moms of daughters dream about.  Lindsey was actually my first senior portrait client 5 years ago and just a few weeks ago she graduated from JMU.  Abbey was eager for her turn in front of my lens and she will be featured in several upcoming blogs and video snippets in the coming months. 

These girls bring a smile to all around them with their affection for one another, but none more than their mom and dad who've cheered them on through every step of their journey.  Their mom Deb is very close to her sister as well, who also happens to be 4 years apart in age from her.  Abbey and Lindsey recently got matching "10" tattoos on their ankles as a symbol of their love for each other...following after their mom and aunts example from years earlier.  What an extraordinary family!  Look for Abbey's dance portraits in upcoming blogs!