JDP senior Abbey

JPD senior Abbey's love of dance resonates deeply from within her soul.  Her discipline and training rival Olympic athletes.  She is one of a kind, for sure!  Her commitment to hone her craft has her in the studio 6-8 hours a day.  She's a regular at the gym as well!  Then she tops it all off with a vegan diet that finds her craving as many organic veggies as she can consume!

Abbey just completed her senior year of high school at the Rock School of Dance in Philadelphia .   Attending dance school allowed her to complete her her academics, while dancing about 6 hours a day. 

With the focus more on ballet technique, the transition for her was filled with exhaustion and pain.  A strong ballet technique takes many years to develop and Abbey had just begun taking more than the mandatory 2 hours a week of ballet last year.  She trained with dancers who literally had 1000s of hours of disciplined training more than her.  This would have caused most to abandon ship, but Abbey rose to the challenge.  Although she is entering the strict ballet world late, she is undeterred.   Each new steps he masters fuels Abbey towards the next step in growing herself as an accomplished dancer. 

Throughout her year at the Rock, she had classes with many profound teachers and was blessed to have been able to compete in the Youth American Grand Prix competition.  Not only did she compete, but she won first place for her contemporary solo in the regionals in Philadelphia.  Then she won first place in the finals in New York City!

Abbey plans to return to the Rock School for an additional year of training, while auditioning for various ballet company positions around the U.S.  Look for her in future blogs!  Reach for the stars dear one!