There lives a woman immensely loved by everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with her through this life.  Why do they love her so?  Graciousness and kindness characterize her approach to everything and everyone in life.  Her thoughts are always of others first.  Selflessness is not just a lofty ideal or an erratic goal, but instead it's simply how she approaches life. 

So when this dear soul received an Unveil your Cinderella portrait experience as a gift, what was her first reaction?  To pass along the gift to her daughter.  No amount of prodding could convince her to use the gift she'd been given for herself.  Instead, she wanted her dear Adie recorded in portraits.

Adie is her mother's daughter and that is tribute more precious to her than the acclaim and awards she's earned along the way during her training as an architect.  She's quick with a gentle smile and kindness that is so reflective of her mother its uncanny.  This whole portrait process was a new world for Adie which she embraced with grace and humility. 

Milena and Adie were over joyed at the gallery we created.  Milena, true to her life giving habit with her words shared this:  Jennifer, All of the pictures are a piece of art! You were able to capture so well Adie's internal light and combined with the external lighting and your talented eye, you have created master pieces!!! We can't thank you enough for all that, your time, effort and professionalism!!!  Your positive energy, thoughtfulness, talent and passion are so unique and admirable! INCREDIBLE WORK!!!  Thank you for THIS INVALUABLE GIFT.  It will last us for the rest of our lives! :)) You are an Angel!!          ~Milena Koshar