Princess Sue

I create Unveil your Cinderella portrait sessions because I want to help women be present in the legacy their life was writing, to stop them from hiding from the camera.  I want women to shine in their portraits and love them, because they are loved.  Which is why Sue stopped me dead in my tracks at her pre-consult when she said, "oh I don't know if I deserve to feel like a princess because I'm so heavy." 

This broke my heart to hear, especially from someone who appreciates the value of professional portrait work so much.  Sue loves portrait work of her family, her precious pups and her friends.  She has professional portrait work all over her home...but someone was conspicuously missing in the portraits she loved.  That will change because NOW she finally loves portraits of herself as well! 

Sue radiates a joy that bubbles up from deep within.  She is quick to fill any room she's in with laughter and joy.  My team had so much fun creating portraits with Sue and I hope her experience will remind every woman that the Unveil your Cinderella day is created for the thin and the curvy, the young and the experienced, the shy and the bold, the creative and the logical, the scared and the brave, the inconspicuous and the bold, the introvert and the extrovert. 

Look at that smile!!  How can that not be on the walls of her home!?!  And I reminded Sue, "smiles are proof that curves are a good thing!"