Jack + Lisa

"I'm so busy, I don't know how I used to fit a job into my day!"  That's how Jack describes his newly retired status.  Leading his motorcycle group on charity rides he organizes, spending time at the beach, golfing, it's the way most of us envision retirement will be and Jack's actually making it happen!  No rocking chair on a front porch for Jack and Lisa!  Lisa has not retired yet.  She's worked over 30 years as a PA but she's not ready to step out just yet.  She smiled widely as Jack talked about how much he's loving this next phase of life.

These two were so stinkin' adorable throughout their session--I dubbed them Malibu Ken and Barbie's parents!  However, their beauty goes beyond skin deep...if you could have seen the way Jack looked at Lisa when I began their presentation of portraits...it was the stuff of a great romance movie!  The admiration as they each melted over each other's portraits was so tender. They both reached for the tissue box as soon as the presentation started.

With tears in his eyes, Jack said, "she's just so beautiful...and those eyes...that's how she's always looked at me."  He relayed the story of how they met back in 1998.  Jack was actually a patient of Lisa's because of a badly broken hand.  He had weekly appointments with her for 8 weeks and worked to summon the courage to ask her out.  He said she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and felt he didn't have a shot.  He tested the waters by asking an x-ray tech if Lisa was available. 

The x-ray tech said, 'yes, ask her!'  Jack's nerve was failing...this gorgeous woman, whose beauty radiated from deep within, would never say yes to him.  The tech continued to urge him, 'ask her, ask her!' as they all walked out together, moments before parting ways for potentially forever.  Lisa overheard and turned to say, 'ask me what?' 

Jack bolstered the nerve to ask her out, but Lisa didn't know if she was allowed to date him since he was a patient.  A patient just released from her care, but a patient none the less.  She said, 'you can look me up in the phone book, I'll be home later.'  Jack did, called and got her answering machine.  Not a good sign.  Lisa forgot she had plans to go to a baseball game that night!  Jack kept up his nerve and tried one more time...3.5 hour phone conversation later their first date was set.  One year later they were married!  Their love story continues strong into retirement and what a gorgeous tribute to their marriage!  Just can't wait to see these portraits on display in their home, bringing smiles and tears of joy all through the years!