Emily's Quinceanera

Milestones are a beautiful thing.  They are a chance for family and friends to gather to cheer you on through life in a way you will always remember. 

That's exactly what Emily's Quinceanera was.  A Quinceanera is an important Latin American tradition to celebrate a young woman turning 15, which marks her passage to womanhood.  It's also a time to give thanks to God for His blessings and present a young woman to the community. 

Emily's mom Amy was in full blown party prepping mode when I arrived to begin coverage.  She was all over the big and little details of the day to make sure it was a day Emily would never forget.  She poured herself out in love and devotion for her girl in a way that was beautifully sacrificial and tender.  After seeing how tirelessly Amy worked to bring this all together, I told her Emily's wedding would be a piece of cake! 

The party was an absolute blast and Emily laughed and danced the whole night away with her family and friends!  Click through below to see family that joined Emily's celebration.

Click through below to see friends who joined Emily on her special day to celebrate.