Princess Gigi & Lily

Princess Gigi and Lily could not have been more of a delight during their portrait time together.  The sound of little girls laughing and spinning in tutus in the wildflower meadow is one that mom and dad will likely log away in their minds for a very long time. 

Every parent knows how fleeting the time is for kids to be kids...this is why portraits like this resonate so deeply with my clients.  And not just my adult clients apparently.  Gigi just kept running over to hug me through the portrait time to tell me how much fun she was having. 

As I would suggest an idea for the next set of portraits, Gigi said, "oh I'll do anything you say, just tell me what to do Ms. Jennifer."  She was an expert helper for her little sister Lily too.  They bring sugar and spice to the Witt household which makes for a perfect combination! 

Perhaps most priceless (beyond all the excited hugs of delight) was Gigi's telling me, "I wish I had brought $25 with me tonight."  I asked her why.  "Because you did such a great job and I had so much fun, I want to pay you!"   That's one I'm going to log away!  Spin and laugh your way through this life girls--the world awaits your joy and your wonder every day!