Cinderella Simplified--a way to open this up to more women?

Unveil your Cinderella and all the pampering of the day is a dream come true for so many of my clients.  My artist soul has found its home watching the veil drop bit by bit during our sessions, as Cinderellas are revealed, while we create portrait art.    

These are full day experiences involving a team caring for my Cinderellas.  However, I know that the financial investment required for this full day keeps many women from being able to book this experience.   This makes me sad, but I know I could never be a high volume shooter who stacks clients because I cherish this experience for my clients.  It’s their one day to be at the top of the ‘to do’ list.  Diane Wolcott, my 50 and fabulous Cinderella, recently told me her day was “anointed”. 


BUT, my heart is for more women to be able to have at least a taste of this experience, albeit modified. 

So I am inviting you to experiment with me, if this is a match for you, while I open this simplified version of Unveil your Cinderella day. I’m only sending this link out to a select few women because this is a trial for me. You are receiving this because you’ve told me you have plans to do this someday.  If its not the right time, no worries. 

 I want to see how this works and feels for my business model.  I want to know that women still feel treasured during their time and leave the experience with joy and the best portraits they’ve ever had created.

“Cinderella Simplified”

Package includes:

          Session and styling fees

1-1.5 hours of styling time – makeup and eyelashes, light hair styling

1 hour shoot time

Presented with gallery of approximately 40 images to chose your 20 favorites w/reprint rights to 12x18

Cost:  300 session fee, 600 package fee

Come with:

*Styling – come with your hair styled, with light product (if you use any) and no makeup. Jill will provide full makeup services and enhance your hairstyle so that it’s camera ready. Hair extensions won’t be used for this package.

*Outfits – please limit yourself to no more than 3 outfits. We’ll focus on up to 3 looks, yours or studio outfits. 

 So, how is this package different than what we currently offer for a Cinderella session? The main difference is the time investment on our end. Our Unveil your Cinderella session takes the whole day (9:30-3:00) and includes extended styling and session time.  There are more outfit/scene and lighting changes which allows us to cover both Cinderella and boudoir in one session. Because of the increased amount of session time, galleries will also be larger with more variety.  Average client expenditure is approximately 2k, some much higher. 


This experimental “Cinderella Simplified” package would either focus on boudoir or Cinderella. It will still be creative and varied and beautiful but start to finish will take approximate 2 ½ hours.   Styling start time is 9:30 and you’ll be done around noon.

You likely have some questions, feel free to send them our way; we are happy to help.  We will accept just a few of these sessions, so please let us know asap if you are interested.  Payment plans are available. 

Jennifer xo