Jennifer, my daughter is and always was beautiful. have made her AMAZING!!!! You are a gift to all you photograph.              John Neubert

I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see my makeover and for this whole Cinderella experience. There aren't too many surprises left in life when you get to this age, so this is like a return of that magical Christmas feeling as a kid. Perfect lighting, beautiful clothing, perfect make up, gorgeous hair, amazing drinks, snacks, and anything you ask for. You can't help but look beautiful and feel beautiful!!       Mona Rosenberger

I haven't been able to post anything on Facebook with Taylor's pictures because every time I start, I begin to cry. Taylor continues to tell me over and over how "magical" that day was! That's a word she has never used and is so powerful for her! I'm still trying to get my thoughts together before I post on your page.    Jessica Fogle   


"I seriously cried all over again….sigh, beautiful, beautiful! Don’t ever stop doing this! This is one of your amazing gifts that keeps giving back!  I want to schedule my mother daughter portrait for Renee and pair it with her senior pictures! " (Renee is 8)      Hillary Moore

Jennifer - I want to say THANK YOU for making me look like a Fairy Tale for my 50 and Fabulous Shoot! I love my photos and so does my family!!! You have an amazing way to capture such great shots! I never would have thought some of those awkward positions would look so great...and Jill gave me such an amazing look!! I didn't feel 50!! Thanks again!!!             Tracey French

I wanted to thank you for the whole process; from first contacting you and the anticipation building to all the time you took taking the photos and how comfortable you made me feel! Then you let me come in late at night to view them. I couldn't have picked a better time to do this as I have my 40th this Friday. A big part of doing this was for Bill, but I am going into my 40's feeling "rockin'" or pretty good about myself, and not dreading it like I always thought I might...Just wanted to say thanks again. So thankful to have met you; and to know you as a friend and a photographer!              Hope Carpenter

Jennifer, these Cinderella portraits have become a celebration of my marriage! We plan to do a couple celebration next. You and Jill made my day a lifelong memory that continues to bless me. I’m dumbfounded by the blog. It made my husband emotional. God has truly given you a gift and I’ll recommend you to everyone. Thank you seems inadequate.          Judi Wroe

I can’t believe I’m the girl in these pictures . . . it is all so surreal! Jennifer, all I can think is the words I have heard you quote from the Bible, that God creates beauty from ashes. Indeed, in this girl’s life He most certainly did. All I have to do is close my eyes and take myself back three years ago and remember immense pain. When I open my eyes, I can just praise God every single day he has brought me to where I am. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing my story and creating those breathtaking images.     Shannon Franklin


Alex and I had an awesome time at our view and choose. You make your clients feel so special. From the greeting on the blackboard, to the refreshments, and even client specific candy and beverage favorites! I just want you to know, we noticed the details and felt like we were being pampered! You are a class act and get our A+++ recommendations. I love, love, loved the video of the portraits. You did an awesome job. The pictures exceeded my expectations, which I wouldn’t have thought possible, because I knew they were going to be gorgeous! I know I said it before, but I can’t wait to come back next year with my other daughter for her senior session. I can’t wait to come pick up my personal wall art so I can display it and show it off! Childhood goes by so fast. Everyone says it. Somehow, when they are younger, it doesn’t feel like it, but once they hit middle school, it seems like you blink and they are in their senior year. To have a beautiful portfolio like you have produced for us is such a treasure for me. I can sit and look at pictures for hours and reminisce in my own head all the happy times we have experienced thus far. I feel like “thank you” just aren’t strong enough words to express my gratitude to you.      Gayle Howell


"I am BALLING MY eyes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore you more than words can ever express.  I absolutely love everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so beautiful with your words!!! Love you to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping me start this journey!!!!  One of the best days of my life! I can't wait to book you with my girls ---I'm thinking late summer?!"    Amanda Rampata



Having portraits done by Jennifer is an amazing experience. Not only are the portraits beautiful pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime, but the experience of creating them is outstanding. Jennifer never makes you feel rushed. She makes you feel like you are the center of her world right then. ALL focus in on you and making your and her vision come true. However, I will say, her vision is well beyond what most people ever can imagine. So, if she says, “stand here” “do this”, DO IT! It will be amazing even if you can’t picture it in your own mind or even if you think it may make you look funny. I promise you, she can see things that most of us can’t! She knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and cherished. I believe that every woman should experience the couture package that she offers (Unveil your Cinderella). It is worth saving the money and investing the time to get these done. You will never regret it. Jennifer has a gift that very few people have. I am happy that she has shared her gift with me.    

Amanda Costley

Jennifer, your portraits have helped build my confidence and that’s a big deal for me. I left your house after the view and choose and I cried. Now, looking over them again, you have left me speechless. All I can say is thank you for revealing to me an inner beauty that I didn’t know existed.     Hayley Shaw

Jennifer, you truly have created such a memorable experience for us. It makes my heart so full to read the beautiful words in your blog. It’s obvious to me, that what makes you so exceptional in your creations goes far beyond your skills with equipment and masterful technique. Beyond your eye for art and beauty, you have the gift of seeing inside the very hearts and souls of those in your presence and being able to show that in portraiture. We feel so lucky to have found you and blessed to have our daughter’s inner beauty as well as physical beauty, forever captured in your art. I’m sending you a virtual tackle this very second. Thank you so very much!               Kathy Zynel

Thank you!  Thank you! I cant wait for the next milestone so that I can come back for more of your magic!

Amanda Wallace

He LOVED the pictures. Thanks for much for creating these images for me.  He couldn't believe that I was able to do that.  So grateful to you!  What a wonderful experience you offer your clients!       Eryka Waddel


"This woman, Jennifer DiDio, is absolutely amazing! Take a look at what she does! Never seen anything like it- if you want to feel like the most special, important, beautiful person in the world contact her! You will not be sorry!!!! WOW!!!!️"      Leslie Mertz


I don't think I would ever be able to formulate the right words to express what today meant to me. You, Jill and Sara made me feel like a princess today. I felt beautiful. I haven't felt like that in a very, very long time. I was pampered and made to feel amazing. I can't ever thank you all and especially you Jennifer, for what you all did for me today. I felt stunning. I felt on top of the world. I'm crying now thinking of it all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today was absolutely magical."         Heather LeGate

Jennifer,  I just wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to experience yesterday.  I felt so special and so beautiful.  You made my day amazing.  I can’t wait for my sneak peak!   Glynda Ross

Jennifer, Sara and Jill,

I took the ladies to an early dinner after their session and let them talk about their experiences.  They each mentioned how wonderful you ladies were to them.  And that lead to 2 hours of them telling childhood stories and sharing memories of their early years as mothers.  It was fabulous!  Thanks again for spending your entire day with us!  

Kanette Salyers