what happens after the shoot?

You spent approximately two hours with Jennifer during your session. While this is an essential piece, it's actually a very small part of the portrait experience with her. Jennifer places a high value on excellence from A-Z with every single client. Her ever expanding, repeat client base is a testament to this commitment to excellence.

This commitment requires 15-20 hours, on average, for each client. Jennifer limits the number of clients she sees each week and is careful not to overbook. Her workflow is a match for clients who appreciate a boutique portrait experience. Many of Jennifer’s clients brought stories of frustration and dissatisfaction with their previous photography experiences. Jennifer intentionally addressed all of the common complaints in her business model. No one waits more than two weeks to see their portraits and sessions are never stacked or rushed.

Jennifer often posts a sneak peek from her session on her Facebook business page 1-2 days after your session. Facebook is an ever changing entity, but is still the best way for your Facebook crowd to see your amazing portraits. Just share the image Jennifer posts.

Your gallery will be complete and gorgeous approximately 10 days after your session. We will contact you to set up an appointment to meet at Jennifer's studio for your View and Choose session. It is important to bring the dimensions for the space we will be hanging your wall art as decisions for purchase are made at this meeting. 

At your View and Choose, you’ll view your portraits and Jennifer or Sara, her studio manager, will help you create a vision for showcasing your portraits with sample wall displays. Their approach is low pressure with a wide variety of options. Jennifer is a storyteller with her portraits and her clients appreciate the variety presented. Digital collections, albums and wall displays are popular with her clients.